The General Educational Development tests are given in five areas: science, mathematics, social studies, reading and writing. Passing the GED makes a person who did not graduate from high school eligible to receive a Certificate of High School Equivalency or similar credential. Studying the subject areas that will be covered in the GED is usually critical. A huge variety of study guides, workbooks, flash cards and mini lessons are available in print and online and many of them are free. A good strategy is to take a GED pre-test in each of the subject areas to determine where you should focus your attention, study the subject on your own or take a course, and then take several GED practice tests to make sure you are ready for the real thing.

Community Resources

You may have free resources for taking the GED available right in your own town or city. Many schools and community colleges offer GED test preparation and practice tests. Some school systems and colleges provide the opportunity to take practice tests at a testing site. This opportunity will give you a realistic idea of what taking the test at a GED testing center will be like.

State and National Resources

Your state department of education likely offers resources for studying for, practicing and taking the GED as part of its adult education program. Some states also have resources for taking the GED at their Department of Labor and Workforce Development or similar agency. Check your state listings in the phone book or search for "your state name" and "GED" on the Internet. The U.S. Department of Education offers a wealth of information on how to get your GED and what to do next in terms of going to college, getting financial aid and figuring out what fields of study to pursue. The U.S. Army also offers prospective enlistees help in getting their GEDs.

Print Resources

Many proprietary companies offer classes to help you prep for the GED, as well as books of practice tests. You can find these resources at your public library, a local bookstore or an online bookseller.

Online Resources

You can find GED practice tests online and many of them are free. A few online resources are listed below. Search "free GED practice tests" to find more. You can also purchase practice tests online from private companies.

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