Most high school dropouts quickly realize the disadvantage of not having a high school diploma. Many wish to obtain a high school equivalency diploma. Until 2014 this was done up obtaining a General Education Development diploma, or GED, but in 2014 the GED was replaced in New York with the Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC). The idea remains the same, however: students must pass a test to show they have skills that are equal to those of someone who graduated from high school.

Many people want to take these equivalency tests, which are commonly still referred to as the GED. However, many people feel they can't afford the fees associated with GED prep courses. Because of this, many organizations offer free GED classes in the Bronx. Several community colleges and government-funded organizations with GED programs in the Bronx offer free GED classes to low-income residents.

GED Programs in The Bronx at Educational Opportunity Center (EOC)

The Bronx Educational Opportunity Center (EOC) offers free GED prep classes. Students most prove eligibility in the areas of literacy and income. EOC serves an average of 1000 English and Spanish-speaking students annually. The tuition-free program is funded by the state legislature, and managed by the State University of New York.

Future Now Program at Bronx Community College

Future Now at Bronx Community College (BCC) offers free GED preparation classes to students ages 17-21. The NYC Department of Education’s GED Plus Program runs the program. Once a student receives his GED, he becomes eligible to enroll in BCC college courses and to receive continued support, including peer monitoring, career counseling, internships and individual tutoring.

South Bronx Overall Economic Development Corp.

South Bronx Overall Economic Development Corp. (SoBro) provides free GED prep courses to South Bronx community residents. At the time of registration, individuals must provide: proof of address; proof of income; birth certificate; social security card; and photo ID. SoBrO receives major funding from local, city, state, and federal government sources. Additional funding derives from private support, commercial rent, management and development fees, and fundraiser events.

Grace Outreach Adult Learning

Grace Outreach serves low-income women of all ages. Located in the South Bronx, the organization offers test prep for women who want to obtain their high school graduation equivalency. Although the program isn't free it is low-costs, at just $50. Teachers will help you determine when to take the test, and the graduation ceremony will help you to celebrate this accomplishment.

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