Earning a high school diploma is the first step to establishing a career in your field of choice. Without a diploma, it will be difficult to secure employment. For various reasons, you may have dropped out of high school, or otherwise did not complete the requirements for the diploma. Fortunately, you can re-enroll in your old high school, enroll in an online high school, or attend a local community college to earn enough credits for the high school diploma.

Re-enroll in your old high school, or enroll in a high school in your area (see Resources). Be prepared to meet with various officials on campus to discuss your situation, including your principal, vice principals, high school counselors and registrar. You may be required to submit various documents to them in case you are attending a different high school, such as grades and credits you have already earned.

Enroll in an online high school (see Resources). As a student at an online high school, you will complete your academic requirements over the Internet. Contact your state's Department of Education to ensure that the online school in which you will enroll has been accredited (see Resources). You will need consistent access to a computer with a high speed Internet connection.

Check to see if your local community college has a high school diploma completion program. You may be able to complete your diploma and make progress toward your degree from the college. Many high schools will let students use credits earned in community college toward the degree requirements for a high school diploma.

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