Having an exciting looking classroom can allow kids to enjoy being there as opposed to them having to sit in a bland and dull room all day. Theme ideas for an elementary school classroom can be entertaining to implement as well as wonderful to look at. In addition to adding colors and décor into the classroom, they should also be educational.

Around the World

An around the world classroom theme can allow kids to appreciate different cultures and places that they may have not seen yet. For example, for one section you can have pictures of main dishes from various cultures with a description of it underneath. On another section you can put up pictures of fashion from various countries. A separate section can be filled with descriptions of several countries along with some interesting facts. You can also put up several maps on the walls.


For an interesting science lesson, make the room weather-themed. From the ceiling you can hang paper rain drops to make it appear as though they are falling from the ceiling. You can make a huge Styrofoam sun for the corner of the room. Set up a mini tornado lamp on a table along the edge of the room where it won't get knocked over. You can also use large pieces of cotton to create clouds along the top edge of the classroom.


Not only do children they find them adorable and fascinating, but they can also learn a lot about the world from observing what the animals eat and do and where they live. Allocate sections of the room for animals that live in different environments, for example, put dolphins and turtles in one section and tigers and zebras in another. You can also put a separate section for pets so the kids can bring in pics of their pets to put up. Hang different cut out pictures of birds from the ceiling to make them appear as though they are flying overhead.

Writers and Quotes

Children are usually taught about writers from when they are very little. They are introduced to their works of art and famous words that they said throughout their life. Put up pictures of famous authors with their famous quotes underneath. If the quote comes from a book, you can also put a small summary of the book below each picture.

Famous Buildings

Put up pictures of buildings that have had an impact on the look of the world, such as the Empire State Building and the Eiffel Tower. The kids can learn about architecture, art, history and geography just from some pictures and descriptions.

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