After the long winter, preschool teachers can bring springtime freshness indoors with bulletin board displays that reflect the season. Use pastel-hued backgrounds of green, yellow and pink. Add flowers and bugs or baby rabbits and chicks. Planting seeds is a popular preschool spring bulletin board theme. Put up a springtime board to perk up your classroom.

Seeds of Learning

Cover the top half of your board with blue paper and the lower half with brown paper. Crumple, then smooth out, five 12-inch-by-18-inch pieces of tan construction paper to make "seed packets." Draw a label on each "seed packet" that corresponds with a specific theme or learning area in your preschool classroom. Write "Math Center" on the label, and add pictures of counting cubes and drawings of equations or "Art Center" with pictures of paint jars, brushes and crayons. Fashion a stick from half of a cardboard wrapping paper tube. Cut the tube the long way so that the cut half will lay flat against the bulletin board. Make a slit 2 inches from the top in the center of the "seed packet" and another slit 2 inches from the bottom. Slide the paper roll halves through the slits in each "seed packet," and staple them side-by-side on your bulletin board. Use punch-out letters, available at teacher supply stores, to spell "Sowing the Seeds of Learning" across the top of your spring bulletin board.

Happy Spring Ovals

Make three egg shapes to attach in a row across the center of your bulletin board. Tape together two 12-inch-by-18-inch pieces of tan or cream-colored construction paper. Overlap the papers by 1 inch, and secure them with transparent tape on both sides. Repeat the process to create two more taped pieces. Cut an oval shape from one of the taped pieces, and then place it on top of the other two and trace it, and then cut them out. Staple the three ovals in a row on a bulletin board covered with green paper on the lower half and blue paper on the upper half. Add bunny ears, facial features and a puffy cotton-ball tail to the first oval. Staple red petal shapes all around the middle oval so that it resembles a spring flower. Staple a ring of yellow craft feathers around the tip of the third oval and then add a yellow paper triangle beak and paper wings on each side.

Bloom and Grow

Cover your bulletin board in yellow paper, and use green punch out letters to spell "Watch Us Bloom And Grow" across the top of the board. Measure the height of the youngsters in your preschool class, and then cut a 4-inch wide rectangular "stem" from green construction paper to match the each measurement. Give the children dinner-size paper plates, construction paper and scissors. Provide cups of springtime-colored paint and brushes. Let the kids paint the plates and cut construction paper petals to staple to the edges when the plates are dry. Hang each child's flower on the board attached to his measured stem. Display the kids' names and height next to the flowers.

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