Latitude and longitude coordinates are usually expressed as minutes per degree, and seconds. These coordinates can help locate any earthly destination within inches. A degree of latitude is about 69 miles, a minute is about 1.15 miles, and a second about 100 feet. A degree of longitude can vary in size. For instance, a degree of longitude at the equator is about 69 miles; however, it decreases to zero as the meridians converge at the poles. There are a couple of different ways to find directions using coordinates; using an online mapping system, or a Global Positioning System (GPS).

Online Maps

Go to a map or direction website. For instance,, in addition to inputting addresses into the search field, offers the capability of entering latitude and longitude coordinates to obtain directions.

Enter the coordinates for your destination, in the search field. Enter the word "Latitude" with a colon and coordinates for latitude. Enter the word "Longitude" with a colon and the coordinates for longitude.

Select the tab, "Get Directions". Mapquest also provides a tab for the map of the coordinates.

Global Positioning System

Turn on your GPS. GPS's have become useful for the everyday person, as well as affordable.

Locate the instructions for inputting coordinates on your display or main menu. If you are having trouble finding where to input your coordinates, open your user manual and read the directions. All GPS's will vary depending on the brand and type.

Input your coordinates as latitude and longitude numbers. A map with directions should appear on your display screen.

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