Along with maintaining good health and physical fitness, getting a college degree is an important step to becoming an Air Force pilot. A bachelor's degree in Business, Aviation or Leadership can provide a starting point for your Air Force career as a pilot.

Know the Job

In choosing a college degree that can help you become an Air Force pilot, you need to know what the job will entail. As a pilot, you will do more than fly aircraft for the military. You will also be expected to help train new pilots, possibly teach some aviation courses and master every aspect of advanced aviation as it pertains to your duties. In most cases, you will be assigned a specific type of aircraft and will learn the skills that go with it.

Go Higher With Aviation

While the Air Force does not set a specific degree requirement to be accepted to the pilot program, a degree in aviation will put you ahead of the game. Through an aviation degree, you will learn about aerodynamics and meteorology as it pertains to flying and aviation law.

Be a Leader

A Leadership degree can provide a strong foundation for becoming an Air Force pilot. Participants in the pilot program are expected to have above average leadership skills. Courses required for a Leadership degree prepare you for training new pilots once you have moved up in rank. Before you move up, the skills the degree provides can give you the tools to excel at different levels of the program.

Know Your Business

A Business degree can also help you in the Air Force pilot program. Some of the skills learned to obtain that degree include time management and written and verbal communication. All of these skills are essential to success in any professional career, including becoming a pilot.

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