The options for individuals with a marketing degree are different than for those with an accounting degree. Each degree has benefits, but determining which provides more opportunities depends on a number of factors, including career goals. Each field requires different skills to be successful.

Employment Opportunities

Jobs opportunities for someone with a marketing degree include sales, marketing, public relations and advertising. The options for someone with an accounting degree include bookkeeping, accounting and auditing. More companies hire accounting degree graduates than marketing degree graduates. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, individuals working in the marketing and advertising fields numbered just over 620,000 people, as of 2008, while accounting degree graduates held more than 1.3 million jobs. Twice the number of accounting degree jobs were available than marketing degree jobs.

Employment Growth

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts growth of jobs in both these degree fields. Marketing jobs are expected to grow 13 percent through the year 2018, while accounting jobs should expand 22 percent. Some 279,000 accounting jobs will be available, especially for those with professional certification such as certified public accountants (CPA), compared to 80,000 new marketing jobs.


Wages differ between marketing and accounting degrees. Marketing degree jobs are very competitive and highly sought and pay more. A marketing or advertising manager can expect to make an average $80,220 a year, as of 2008, compared to accountants, who average $59,430 a year.


Marketing degrees allow the graduate to be more creative because of the aspects of the job, while accounting degrees are facts, figures and numbers. Determining which degree is best for the individual depends on the individual.

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