Many colleges offer majors in real estate for future realtors, builders and other real estate professionals, but real estate is still a relatively new major. If your college doesn't offer a degree in real estate, you can choose from several other options that will give you a strong background for your career.

Real Estate

As a real estate major, you'll take a wide variety of courses in business, finance and accounting. At Ashford University, for example, students take courses in business law, principles of real estate, economics, finance, marketing and property management. Choose your electives based upon the career you want to pursue. For example, a mortgage broker could benefit from additional classes in finance, while a future realtor may want to learn about interpersonal psychology to maximize her sales skills.

Business and Management

If your school doesn't offer a real estate degree, a major in business or management could prepare you for your career. You'll take courses in economics, management, accounting and finance, and will also need a strong math background. At Florida State University, for example, students have to take two calculus classes. Business or management may be ideal if you want to start your own real estate business.

Construction Management

If you want to be a builder, a major in construction or construction management could give you the background you need to build sound buildings and make strong investments. You'll take courses in construction management, construction law, methods and materials and project management and safety. You may also be required to take some hands-on courses. At Utica College, for example, students are required to complete an internship and a senior seminar.


Real estate frequently involves large financial transactions. If you want to work on the financial end of real estate as a lender or mortgage broker, a degree in finance might be ideal. You'll take courses such as economics, financial institutions and markets, principles of investments and financial policies and strategies. You'll also need to take some math classes. At Florida International University, for example, students are required to take calculus for business and accounting.

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