Many high school business courses are electives that students may choose to complement their core subjects. Enrolling in business courses may allow students to make concrete decisions regarding their interest in business as a major in college or desire to start their own business in the future. Some business-related courses offered in high school may also prepare students for addressing personal money management.

Economics and Accounting

Economics, a common requirement for high school students, addresses concepts including opportunity cost, productivity, supply and demand, gross domestic product, exchange rates in international currency, and government roles in economics and the trade industry. Economics courses may be divided into micro- and macro-economics, international economics, and personal finance economics. Accounting courses teach students about preparing company financial statements at an introductory level as well as budgeting, setting company financial goals, and personal accounting practices.

Introductory Courses (Business, Entrepreneurship and Marketing)

Introductory course in the areas of business, entrepreneurship and marketing may be available in high schools as elective courses to give students a glimpse of the information taught in post-secondary business courses. Intro to business may cover a smaller version of other classes such as accounting, economics and business math, but may also touch on business law and communication. Marketing teaches students advertising, focusing on a marketing segment, the lifecycle of products, and product management, to name a few topics. Entrepreneurship focuses on the necessary actions and tools to start a small business.

Consumer and Business Math

Consumer and business math courses offer students the knowledge to keep an accurate bank statement for both personal and commercial purposes. Reducing credit card debt, balancing deposits and withdraws, inflation and recession concepts, and analyzing alternative methods of investments and retirement funds are a few of the common topics covered in both high school consumer and business math courses. This curriculum can prepare students for college studies and also ready them for life outside of school.

Keyboarding and Record-keeping

Keyboarding is usually taught in high schools and may even be a requirement for graduation. The course features the correct method to typing and increasing speed, something that will benefit students' personal and professional lives. The classwork may also include formatting business letters, e-mail styles for various professional uses and constructing business reports. Record-keeping may overlap with some of the topics covered in the keyboarding class, but may also include subject area on professional filing, adequate organization of pertinent information, and handling various business funds such as payroll, taxes and business transactions.

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