If your career goal is to become a realtor, then there are a few different college majors that can help you be more effective in the field. There are many areas that a good realtor needs to have knowledge of, including marketing, finance and brokering, property management and, of course, real estate. With a major focusing on these aspects and how they relate to real estate, you’ll gain the necessary background information and lay the foundation of a successful career.

Real Estate

Majoring in real estate is an obvious choice for an aspiring Realtor and includes a comprehensive set of courses designed to give you a thorough understanding of the field. With classes exploring urban planning and economics, real estate analysis, finance, investment and more, you’ll gain a broad knowledge of virtually everything related to real estate. Real estate majors will also employ critical thinking skills to analyze different aspects of property and development, along with financial matters such as risk and investment.

Business Administration

A business administration major will help students become more adept in management and leadership, which can be very beneficial in the highly competitive world of real estate. Business administration majors will take courses in finance, accounting, micro and macroeconomics, and marketing, all of which will come into play as a Realtor. This major will give you a basic understanding of business concepts and practices, which are crucial elements in real estate.


It should come as no surprise that one of the largest parts of a Realtor’s job is dealing with finances. In fact, finance majors are often closely involved in different aspects of real estate, regardless of whether they are planning on going into that field or not. As a finance major, you’ll take classes about investing, different financial markets, financial planning and management, and economics. You’ll also gain many of the necessary professional skills that make a successful real estate agent.


A major in economics covers a wide range of courses that develop skills in research, analysis, communication, problem solving and interpreting data -- all of which are necessary in the field of real estate. Coursework would include classes like micro and macroeconomics, statistics, public finance, and urban and regional economics. Majoring in economics will provide a strong framework for skills that are important to being a successful real estate professional.

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