High school students who gravitate toward marketing and advertising careers open themselves up to exciting opportunities in the business world. Taking classes in these subjects and related fields gives students a strong foundation for future college coursework. These students also gain entry level job skills that allow them to begin working part-time in high school and gain valuable insights into the professional world.

More Than Basic Accounting

When many people think of accounting classes, they think about balancing company checkbooks and making transactions add up. But according to the New Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants, these business professionals do more than crunch numbers; they are analysts who help a business reach its goals. However, high school accounting classes don't always hold the attention of top students unless they have access to AP classes. Coursework in managerial accounting, financial statement analysis and financial accounting will give high school students a more in-depth look at how a company's finances affects all aspects of the business, including marketing and advertising.

Hospitality Coursework

Students who take hospitality classes give themselves a great advantage in the workplace. According to Education Portal, two-thirds of the American workforce consists of people working in the hospitality industry, so for future marketing professionals, taking marketing classes related to hospitality industries such as travel, hotels or restaurants will give them solid job skills. Coursework can include lessons about competitor analysis, planning promotions and advertising campaigns, and customer behavior analysis.

The Wide World of Marketing and Advertising

Marketing counts as a catch-all term that has to do with promoting a business. While some commonalities exist between all the types of marketing classes, a well-rounded student will want to take courses that give him a taste of different marketing specialties. These classes could include a deeper look at domestic marketing, global marketing and specialty marketing, and how advertising and marketing work together. Students in these classes will learn about buying and merchandising, marketing communications, sales and distribution, among other topics.

Liberal Arts

As counterintuitive as it seems, high school marketing students don't only need to take marketing and advertising classes. They also need a foundation in the liberal arts. Such classes as art and design will have practical applications as these students start building an advertising design portfolio. Other classes such as theater, foreign language or history teach students about the human condition and how people respond to events. This knowledge will help them create better marketing and advertising campaigns, as well as give them the skills to understand how to deal with future clients and build a sense of social responsibility.

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