Changing the name on a diploma, either college or high school, can be a difficult process, often hindered by bureaucratic red tape. All schools have different processes for issuing new diplomas, so contact your institution to verify all the documentation that you will require. Be prepared to make a lot of phone calls and visit the school in person (if possible). Also, be prepared to wait 6 to 12 weeks for your new degree to processed and delivered.

Gather all the documents pertaining to your name change. Keep them organized and labeled in a folder.

Make three photocopies of all original documents and keep those in a safe place in your home.

Inform the registrar's office that you have changed your name and require a new issue of your diploma. You will either be required to fax in all the documents or bring them in person. If you are bringing the documents in person, ask for a specific time when you should come in and a contact person to meet with.

After the registrar has received your documents (either by fax or in person) request a contact number for a person with whom you can check about the status of your request.

If you have not received your new diploma with your new name in six weeks, call or email your contact at the registrar's office for an update. When you do receive your new diploma, verify that all the information is correct.

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Things Needed

  • Original degree
  • Birth certificate
  • Name change documentation
  • Utility bills

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