Paraprofessionals work to help students with disabilities in public schools. They assist students who are struggling to read, write or complete math problems. They help children with physical disabilities move to different areas of the classroom and may assist disabled students with toileting needs. They also complete administrative tasks in the classroom, like grading papers or managing bulletin boards. Paraprofessionals in Georgia are assistant teachers who must be qualified to help students in a variety of ways.

Get an associate degree or finish two years of college. Either an Associate of Art or an Associate of Science degree is accepted. If you have not earned a degree, you can still become a paraprofessional if you have earned at least 60 college credits.

Take the Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators paraprofessional examination, if you do not have 60 college credits. Individuals who opt to take the test should have at least a high school diploma or have passed the GED. The examination tests reading, writing, math and your ability to give instructional support.

Apply for a paraprofessional position in Georgia. Paraprofessional jobs are posted on the TeachGeorgia web site. Principals use this site to recruit teachers and paraprofessionals in the state. Complete as much information as you can on the online form, indicating when you will receive information or prerequisites that you currently do not have.

Get a criminal background check. School districts in Georgia will require you to visit a local police department or sheriff's office and get a criminal background check based on your fingerprints. The process is quick and easy. The school district is interested in knowing if you have a felony or have committed crimes related to children.

Obtain a paraprofessional's certificate from the state of Georgia. Once you apply and are accepted for a position as a paraprofessional, the school system will apply for your certificate. Although you are already hired to work in the school system, your status as a paraprofessional becomes official with the Georgia Professional Standards Commission when your certificate is on file in the state's office.


To renew certification as a paraprofessional, you must earn six semester hours of college course work, or 10 Professional Learning Units or 10 credits of Continuing Education Units.

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