To become a paraprofessional in Michigan, prospective individuals must take the required amount of college courses and have documentation that they are highly qualified. According to, "A paraprofessional is an employee who provides instructional support in a program supported with Title I A funds. The position includes those that provide one on one tutoring, assist with classroom management and provide instructional support under the guidance of a classroom teacher." All paraprofessionals who help students with their work are required to provide documentation--an associate's degree, 60 college credits or successful completion of a paraprofessional assessment--that demonstrates that they are highly qualified for the position.

Enroll in college classes and aim to take at least 60 college credits or earn an associate's degree. Register for courses such as child development, psychology, math, reading, writing, special education and multicultural education. There are no required courses for paraprofessional, but this will adequately prepare you for the responsibilities of the job and help you demonstrate competency in these areas.

Register to take the Basic Skills Test portion of the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC) or the Work Keys Proficiency Certificate for Teacher Assistants (PCTA). The Michigan Department of Education has deemed these written assessments as establishing highly qualified status in paraprofessionals who aide in classroom instruction.

Create a resume that highlights your strength as a paraprofessional. List college courses you have taken and any experience you have had with children.

Look for paraprofessional job employment ads in local newspapers and online. Call local school districts in Michigan to check if they are looking for teacher aides. Find out where to send your resume and credentials.

Go on interviews for paraprofessional jobs in Michigan. Discuss the strengths you have and why you would be a good candidate for the position. Send a thank-you letter after each interview and wait for a school district to hire you.


Take college courses that will help you prepare for a job as a paraprofessional in Michigan.

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