Teacher's aides, or paraprofessionals, must meet certain criteria to be employed by Wisconsin public schools. Paraprofessionals help certified teachers by carrying out instructional activities planned by the classroom teacher and by helping with other tasks such as preparing educational materials and maintaining classroom discipline.

Education Requirements

Paraprofessionals in Wisconsin schools receiving Title I funds must have a minimum of two years of post-secondary coursework, which equals forty-eight hours or more. An associate's degree from a post-secondary school meets the education requirements. In lieu of college coursework, school districts may allow paraprofessionals to demonstrate knowledge and skills through formal assessments.


Paraprofessionals who work in schools that do not receive Title I funds from the federal government may be able to qualify for employment with only a high school diploma. Also, translators and parent-involvement aides do not necessarily need to meet education requirements. However, requirements for these jobs and other types of aides may vary by school district.

Special Education Aide License Requirements

Special education aides must obtain a license (#883). The hiring school district must request the license on behalf of the special education aide. Job requirements vary by school district, but typically include experience and post-secondary coursework.

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