Atlanta Technical College is a two-year college that offers 44 degree programs in fields ranging from culinary arts to radiologic technology. The school is accredited by The Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools for its certificate, diploma and degree programs. Students must meet requirements for general admissions, including having a high-school diploma and getting acceptable scores on assessment tests. The college allows for special admissions for students who don't meet these guidelines. Specific programs at the school may also have additional admissions requirements.

General Admissions

The guidelines for general admissions to the college are not extensive. Applicants must submit an application with a $20 nonrefundable fee and submit copies of their high school or college transcripts. Students must have a high school diploma or have completed a minimum of 30 semester hours, or 45 quarter hours, at a college with a grade of C or better. A GED is also accepted for admission. Applicants must have taken the SAT, ACT or one of the school's placement tests. Acceptable scores on the SAT are 450 verbal and 430 math, and an acceptable ACT score is 20 composite. Those interested in being admitted to a diploma or certificate program can have a 410 verbal and math on the SAT or an 18 composite on the ACT. Applicants who completed English or a math level 100 or higher course with a C or better at a postsecodary institution can forego the testing requirements.

Placement Testing

Applicants who do not have acceptable scores on the SAT or ACT, or who have not taken the acceptable college courses, will have to take the college's placement test before they can be admitted. All degree programs require that students take an algebra placement test. An English placement test may also be required. Students who score well on these placement tests are admitted to the college under regular status. Those who do not score well may be required to complete introductory courses under a provisional admissions status before moving into a degree program. No minimum scores are published for the placement test.

Special Admissions

Applicants who do not meet the criteria for regular admissions may be able to begin their studies under a special admissions status. Provisional admission allows students to take introductory classes or learning support classes. Once students complete these courses satisfactorily and meet other admission requirements, they are admitted under regular status. Students who don't score well on placement tests can be approved for Learning Support Admission. Students approved under this status are only allowed to take learning support classes, and they are not eligible for financial aid. Once they pass the classes and make acceptable placement test scores, they can be admitted for regular status. Students who don't want to work toward a certificate, diploma or degree are admitted as Special Status students. They can earn an unlimited number of credits, but if they choose to transfer into a degree program, they can only transfer up to 25 credits.

Program-Specific Admissions

Some degree programs at Atlanta Technical College have their own entrance requirements. Once students are admitted to the college, they must apply separately for these programs. For example, students interested in enrolling in the Paramedicine program must pass a background check, be a licensed EMT-B or EMT-1 and meet other requirements such as completion of a high school diploma. Students interested in the Radiologic Technology degree have to show immunizations for Hepatitis B and Tuberculosis in addition to meeting the basic admissions requirements.

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