When applying for colleges you want to show yourself in the best possible light. One of the requirements for most colleges is a standardized test -- either the SAT, ACT or both. You can take the SAT as many times as you wish to improve your scores. While you can't pick and choose the best scores from different tests, many colleges will do this for you as a matter of policy. Look at the admissions requirements for the college that interests you to see how it handles SAT score submissions.

SAT Score Choice

Score choice is an available option for reporting SAT scores. If you choose score choice when you register for the test, it allows you to decide whether or not to release the scores from that test date. Some colleges don't accept score choice, however, and most recommend you send all of your scores. A few schools will use only your highest total score from the SAT, but many will use the highest score per section from each submitted test. For example, if you score 600 on math and 700 on reading on one test, and 590 on math and 720 on reading on another test attempt, the school will base its evaluation on the scores of 600 on math and 720 on reading.

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