There are many different free online scholarships applications that students can obtain. Various websites and scholarship search engines contain directories of places or corporations that administer these awards. A lot of these sites allow you to browse through the available scholarships by subject, due date and requirements. Most importantly, they provide you with information about the scholarships, including the application form and specifics regarding the application process.


Nowadays, free online scholarship applications are popular and easily accessible. Instead of searching for them individually, you can view them all on one site. This is a big scholarship search sites have become more personal; a user will be asked to provide information about themselves which the site uses to filter through the listings and provide the user with the ones that are most relevant to them. For example, you may be asked to input your GPA, intended major, ethnicity, religious affiliation, club memberships, volunteer work and extracurricular activities. The site then takes your data and displays the scholarships that are a match to the criteria you gave.


You can navigate through the scholarships and immediately recognize the ones that suit you. The listings may be comprised of scholarships that are being offered by a specific college, a private organization, a corporation or the government to name a few. The site also provides the links to the scholarship applications so that you can find out the additional details. Although most of the applications are available online, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it can be submitted online as well. You will be able to download or print out a copy of the application and the list of other materials that are needed but, afterwards it’s crucial to identify the submission procedure that goes with the particular scholarship. Perhaps you will be asked to fill it out and send it via postal mail or even fax. Some scholarship applications can be copied, downloaded, or transferred into a text document. This allows you to fill in the required information on your computer and then email the completed application back to the email address that is provided to you.


Online scholarship applications may have specific eligibility requirements. The eligibility for the scholarships can be based on certain factors; such as a student’s financial need, academic achievements, their intended major or area of interest and their athletic capability. Scholarship search sites might allow you to create a profile which gives you a personal account on their site. You can log into the account and see any new opportunities or listings and keep track of the ones that you have already applied for. Additionally, you can eliminate the ones that are not a match for you and organize the others into categories like your favorites and the date they are due.


One of the downfalls of these sites is that they list nearly every scholarship, which can be a bit overwhelming. A lot of the listings may be of random drawings; you enter your name and contact information and the granter picks a name at random. The recipient can get anything from an Amazon gift card to free school supplies. That being said, it’s important to remember that not every online scholarship application you encounter is worth applying for; in fact some can even turn out to be hoaxes.The Federal Trade Commission maintains a Scholarship Scams website that tries to help prevent students from falling prey to scholarship scams. The Scholarship Scams (US Federal Trade Commission) Site can be viewed at (

Expert Insight

When filling out a scholarship application, there are several tips to bear in mind. The first is to complete the application in its entirety and follow the specific instructions. For example, some of the scholarships may require you to submit materials like an essay or a project. Seeing as the essay is a popular requirement, I advise my clients to write one quality essay. This essay acts as a foundation of sorts, which can be tweaked to fit the specifics of other essays that may be required. If the assignment is to write an essay in 400 words are less, you want to adhere to that number. Sending them a 1,000 word essay is unnecessary and overboard. It's also not following the definite directions. Make sure that your whole application is legible and free of any spelling ort grammatical errors. Double check it before you submit it and make a copy of all of the materials that you are sending (in case something gets lost and as proof). Below is a list of three scholarship search sites that I’ve found to be the most comprehensive and beneficial.

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