How to Get a Scholarship to Oxford. We have all heard about the world's most prestigious universities; what we don't hear about is how difficult it is to actually be accepted to such universities. Moreover, once accepted, funding that education with a scholarship takes a little more work.

Be sure to have amazing grades from your school prior to applying to Oxford. Additionally, having some community service experience and being actively involved in some type of sport or recreational activity will help you. Universities today are looking for "all rounders".

To Rhodes or not to Rhodes? The Rhodes Scholarship is perhaps one of the world's most prestigious of the scholarships available at Oxford. To qualify, one must embody leadership and forward thinking and have the best of grades. Additionally, one must be regarded as a successful athlete as well as embody high moral calibre and ethical decision- making practices.

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Only 80 students globally are awarded the Rhodes scholarship annually.

Apply directly to Oxford University via their official website or have them send you a prospectus which details your course of study and possible financial scholarships. Alternatively, you can visit the website located in the resources section to contact the Admissions office at Oxford.

Best of luck to you!

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