There are several franchises and professional organizations that help young people finance their college education. If you are an employee of Subway restaurants, you may be eligible to receive a scholarship that will assist in tuition payment.

Student Status

In order to qualify for the Subway scholarship, you must be a senior in high school. If you're already attending an accredited college or university anywhere in the world, and are a full-time student, you can also apply for the Subway scholarship to help cover the cost of your remaining schooling. Students who are attending technical school are also able to apply for the scholarship.

Employee Status

In order to apply for a scholarship from Subway, individuals must be scheduled to work at least 15 hours a week, which is "qualified employee" status. Employees must have been working for Subway for at least six months prior to December of that year in order to be eligible; however, the deadline for submitting applications is November 30.

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Other Qualifications

The scholarship is not based on financial need, but on the applicant's scholastic achievements, the essays written for the scholarship and the letters of recommendation that were submitted on the applicant's behalf. Those interested in the Subway scholarship must have at least a 2.75 GPA. The scholarship award amount is $1,000.

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