Letters or honor, character references or recommendation letters are an important step in the application process for a job or college admittance. These letters express your thoughts about the applicant by highlighting your particular relationship with the applicant and known achievements. It is important to provide specific examples and evidence for every statement about the candidate.

Step 1

Follow the instructions, if provided. The instructions for letters of recommendation or honor might be included in the application or formatting guidelines. Some national honor societies use a specific format to streamline the application process. Include the company, association or school letterhead on the recommendation letter. On the top left side, start with the date, and the name and address of the recipient.

Step 2

Type a formal greeting, such as “Dear Mr. Smith,” and then begin your letter of honor. The format for a formal letter employs single-spaced lines and double-spaced paragraphs. Begin by stating the purpose of the letter and establish how and how long you have known the candidate.

Step 3

Include some of the candidate’s achievements and awards, such as leadership roles, academic awards or job successes. Use specific examples you have witnessed.

Step 4

List the reasons you are recommending the candidate and end the letter. Include your contact information.

Step 5

End the letter with a salutation and type your name, leaving room for your signature between the two.

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