When you are an executive, you'll be asked to write executive reports. And if you need to write one in a summary format, there are several steps for you to follow to complete this task. The summary format is short and to the point.

Go through your report, if you already have one completed in another format, and write down one sentence about each main section. These might be sentences like, "We've increased profits by 80 percent," or, "Customers report bad service at our Florida location." Create a list of these points.

Begin fresh if you have not already written a report by writing a sentence about each of the key points you want to include in the report, similar to the first step. Even if you have already gleaned sentences from a previous report, you can follow this step and come up with new things you'd like to include in the report.

Reorganize the points on your list by putting them into some sort of logical order. If you were asked to write a report on the customer service of the five main branches of your store, place statements about each branch near each other on the report. If your report is to be about the customer service, profits and expenditures of your business, organize the sentences into these three groups and put them together in sections.

List the summary points, once you have them in order, with bullet points and double spaced.

Use this report if you have been asked to summarize an existing report, or if your supervisor has asked for a summary report only. You might also use it for a presentation.

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