Research papers are academic papers typically written for high school- or college-level courses. A research paper is more than collecting various pieces of information. The goal of this paper is to argue a point or analyze a perspective in your own words, which is then factually backed by outside information. If you are writing a sample research paper, you must properly introduce this paper so readers understand its contents and its purpose.

Outline the main purpose of the research paper. Within the first two sentences of the introduction, summarize what the paper is about. This section of the introduction should provide a concise and clear presentation of the information covered within the paper.

Include at least two main references used within the research paper to provide readers with information about the credibility of the paper. Include this information within the third or fourth sentence.

Write the disclaimer about the research paper. Since this paper is being used as a sample, inform readers the paper is to be used strictly for informational purposes. Outline all resources and references used in the paper should not be copied but rather used to help guide the writer throughout his writing process.


Make sure you proofread the introduction to ensure the purpose of the paper is clearly outlined within this paragraph.


Do not instruct readers to use this paper for anything other than guidance when writing their own papers.

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