The lab report title is the first thing anyone reviewing your report will see. Therefore it should be professional but catchy, well done and concise. When you are deciding on the title, make sure it accurately reflects the contents of your report. Do not use abbreviations and unnecessary words.

Create a mind map. The first step to choosing a title for your lab report is to organize your thoughts. In the center of your paper write the purpose of your lab. Radiating outwards from the center draw lines. At the end of each line write a main point related to your topic. If you have more ideas, you can add even more radiating thoughts. Eventually, with this type of organization, an idea for your title will begin to coalesce; you will begin to see what is important and what is not.

Click to right justify your cursor on line one of your page (leaving a one-inch top margin). Type a shortened version of your title, space five times, then type in the numeral one; these first two or three words of the title is called its "short title."

Insert a double space below the short title, left justify your cursor and, using all capital letters, type your title; this is called the “running head.”

Type in the full title of your report on the center of your paper, capitalizing the first letter of each major word as you would in a story or book title. The title, which can take up to two lines, should be no more than twelve words long.

Insert a double space below the title and type in your first name, middle initial and last name. Do not include titles such as Dr., Mr. or Ms.

Insert a double space below your name and type in the name of your school or institution.


Because your goal is to make your title professional, make sure you have no spelling or grammatical errors.

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