Planning a high school pep rally is an exciting way to get students excited, play games and show off school spirit during class hours. High school pep rallies are not limited to specific themes and school sporting events. Pep rallies also may feature a variety of contests, games and even school spirit clothing.

Traditional School Spirit

Host a traditional school spirit pep rally for the school, decorating the pep rally location with nothing but decorations that match the school's official colors. Have the school's mascot present at all times during the pep rally. Decorate the walls with banners and poster boards to create a school spirit atmosphere where you are hosting the pep rally. All of the decorations should be dedicated to the school's name, mascot, colors and slogan. Have the school's dance or cheer team perform a few acts to get the students excited and in the school spirit during the rally as the main performance. You also can feature other students and their talents and skills as a pep rally talent show.

Games and Contests

Create games and contests in the middle of the pep rally in the gym or auditorium. Have pie-eating contests or other food items between students. You also can opt to have the winner among the students to go ahead with a teacher or other staff member. Other contests and games for a pep rally include having piñatas for the students, a sack race or carrying eggs on spoons from one location to another without dropping them. Traditional party games such as limbo and charades with multiple stations for the games to have more students playing at once also would work at a pep rally.

Showcasing Goods

Have a bake sale or an arts and craft fair during the pep rally to give the students and faculty a chance to share their own baked goods or artwork. Bake sales and arts and craft fairs may be hosted to earn money for future pep rallies or specific needs of the school--the profits also may go to the creator of the goods, depending on the pep rally rules and guidelines. Choose those students who will operate booths and determine the items they will sell before running the pep rally.

Faculty Rally

To get students excited and pumped up for the school pep rally, create a teacher and staff pep rally theme. Host various games and challenges of basketball, charades, spelling and trivia quizzes between the school's staff and teaching faculty. Have students place "bets" on teachers they believe will win specific games or contests before the pep rally begins to keep them interested and intrigued throughout the entire rally. Group teachers into teams or have them play various games and contests individually until one teacher is crowned the "King" or "Queen" of the pep rally for the day.

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