Most traditional culinary schools do not cater to vegan diets, however there are options for aspiring vegan chefs who want to learn the traditional skills applied to a vegan diet (vegans do not eat animal products, including meat, dairy, and eggs). While several general culinary schools offer vegetarian and vegan courses, I have highlighted schools that specialize in vegan diets and similarly health-conscious diets.

The Living Light Culinary Arts Institute

Located in Fort Bragg, California, this is an organic raw vegan school which offers various certificates and courses ranging from a Gourmet Chef Certificate series to basic knife skill classes. The institute also hosts off site classes, internet classes, and retreats.

Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts

This culinary arts institute is in New York City and offers a 619 hour program specializing in cooking influenced by macrobiotic concepts, Chinese medicine, raw foods and vegan cooking.

School of Natural Cookery

In Boulder, Colorado, this school offers many learning options including a 4-week certificate course and a 16-week diploma course. This is a non-traditional culinary program based on "intuitive" cooking, or using items on hand versus from a pre-determined recipe.

Vegan Culinary Experience

This is a non-traditional school which does not offer diplomas or certificates. Located in multiple cities, the school offers classes from Vegan Indian Cooking to a Meat Substitutes basics course. Private instruction is available as well. See site for class listings.

The Vegetarian Cooking School

This school offers only correspondence vegan cooking classes and health courses. The classes are made up of DVD lessons, available through order on the site for $19.95.

Vegan Culinary Academy

In Angwin, Canada, this school offers intensive classes and private lessons. Through the web site, you may also find video demonstrations of vegan cooking.

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