Individual public school districts in Maine set their own 175-student-day calendars, which include programming vacation periods. While the calendars are very similar, there is occasional vacation variation, so it's best to consult a school's website for its current academic calendar.

Holiday Vacations

Maine public schools generally observe a two-week winter vacation spanning the Christmas-New Year's holidays. The Friday after Thanksgiving is a vacation day in addition to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Non-Holiday Vacations

Maine's K-12 public schools generally observe one-week vacations in February and April. Summer vacation generally runs from mid-June to late August or early September.

Harvest Vacation

High schools in Maine School Administrative District 1 in agricultural Aroostook County have a three-week Harvest Break vacation, usually from late September to early October. These schools generally start three weeks earlier than other high schools to make up the time.

National Holidays

In addition to Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day, public schools in Maine observe the following national holidays: Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Memorial Day.

Private Schools

Maine's private schools follow their own vacation schedules. For example, Gould Academy in Bethel, a private high school that holds classes six days a week, has a one-week vacation around Thanksgiving and a three-week spring vacation in March.

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