Being a good nurse is based on sound nursing theory, such as patient practices, how to treat patients and theories on healing. However, good nursing also encompasses other ideas that are non-nursing theories. If you can use these theories along with nursing theories, you can learn how to be a better nurse, and how to do your job better.

Follow child development theories, especially when working with children as a nurse. For instance, follow the child development theory that states that children develop at their own rate, and that you should provide information for children at their own age level. Being age appropriate with children helps you communicate better with them, and allows you to speak to the children in a way they understand.

Use educational theories when you are discussing procedures and information. Teachers use different theories to explain information, such as the theories about different types of education. If you are able to explain something in words, in writing and by demonstrating, you are following the educational theory that there are different types of learners and that if you provide information to those learners in different ways, those learners are better able to grasp the information.

Use theories about ethical behaviors and non discrimination that are not nursing theories, but they are theories presented in all types of jobs. It is not appropriate to discriminate against someone for their gender or ethnicity or religious ideals, and you should follow this theory when you are providing care as well as when you are communicating with patients and families, and with other nurses and doctors.

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