Nursing schools commonly implement a conceptual framework to lay the foundation of their nursing program. This theoretical nursing framework not only guides students through their nursing education, but also guides them in their profession.


A theoretical nursing framework is a body of knowledge used to support the practice of nursing. The framework is based on a variety of research studies that aim to locate best nursing practices.

Course Guide

A comprehensive theoretical nursing framework sets the standard upon which all nursing schools organize their programs. As such, the framework determines the specific courses required in nursing education.


Throughout the nursing education program, the theoretical nursing framework will determine the sequence of the nursing curriculum. A proper sequence ensures that each course proves to be an important learning experience for students.


The conceptual framework lays a foundation upon which the nursing practice evolves. Not only does this foundation explain the current practice of nursing, but also indicates how the practice of nursing should develop over time.


Using conceptual frameworks in nursing education allows for the profession to be regulated. These frameworks ensure that all nurses follow the same guidelines and actions when providing patient care.

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