A nursing theory is a set of concepts that provides a mechanism for caring for and treating patients. Proposition statements relate the different nursing theories to one another. The various nursing theories that have been proposed involve ways in which a patient should be tended to and treated. The ideals of the nursing theories involve the nurse observing the patient and understanding how the patient will react to the consequences of his ailment. In order to write nursing theory proposition statements, you need to know the main categories of the nursing theories, study individual nursing theories and make connections between theories.

Know the main categories of the nursing theories. In order to write nursing theory proposition statements, you should know the categories that the theories address. The main theories are categorized as personal, environmental, health and nursing. The personal category refers to the physical and emotional state of the patient and the patient's family members. The environmental category refers to the general situation associated with the patient and his illness. The health category refers to how sick the patient feels. The nursing category describes how well the nurse cares for the patient.

Study individual nursing theories. When writing nursing theory proposition statements, you should have an understanding of specific nursing theories. Three of the most common nursing theorists are Ida Jean Orlando, Betty Neuman and Jean Watson. Orlando's theory, the "Deliberative Nursing Process," describes how the nurse needs to observe and analyze the behavior of the patient in order to determine how to care for him. Neuman's theory, the "Health Care Systems Model," describes how external stress factors can inhibit the healing process. Jean Watson's theory, the "Philosophy and Science of Caring," states that in society, patients need to be cared for in order to improve and maintain their well-being. According to Watson's theory, nurses help to achieve this objective. You can study the nursing theories in books or online. As you read about each theory, take notes.

Make connections between the nursing theories. Nursing theory proposition statements demonstrate the relationship between theories. Therefore, analyze the theories and find similarities. For example, Watson's theory and Neuman's theory relate to one another in the way that patients need to be cared for because of stressful influences of society.

Create a list of the connections that you made between the theories. This list will help you create your final version of a nursing theory proposition statement. When creating your final version, you either can leave the statements as you wrote them, or you can word them in a different way. Type them on the computer.

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