Translating from one language to another can be very challenging without the right tools, even for someone who knows both languages relatively well. Italian and English are both Indo-European languages with some similar vocabulary coming from Latin; however, there are many expressions that are difficult to translate from one to the other. Fortunately, there are many free tools available to help you with this kind of translation. Even those without any knowledge of Italian can successfully translate text into English.

Translate one Italian word at a time using the Babel Fish free online translator (see Resources). This is an easy and fast tool for word translations but is less reliable when you attempt to translate whole sentences. However, depending on the complexity of the text, this may work well enough to translate the meaning.

Use Dictionary Translator to translate the text sentence-by-sentence (see Resources) from Italian to English. Compare the translation from Babel Fish with this translation. The more translators you use, the clearer the translation will be. This translator works for most sentences; however, there may be gaps in the translation that will require further translating.

Post any problem sentences or unclear translations with the original Italian on a language-exchange website such as the Mixxer (see Resources). These websites have communities of native Italian speakers eager to help those learning their language. You can also use these websites for second opinions on the entire translation.

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