India is a complex, ancient civilization where a plethora of languages are spoken and recognized. Two of its many languages include Bengali and Telugu. Bengali originated from the Brahmi alphabet and is a prolific language, with more than 200 million speakers around the world. Telugu is mostly confined to southern India and is spoken by about 70 million people. Despite the linguistic differences, you can use one language to practice another.

Watch films in Telugu with Bengali subtitles, or vice versa. This will expose you to the written and spoken forms of Bengali, and help you begin to understand Bengali words you understand in Telugu.

Translate words using a Bengali-Telugu dictionary or online translation resources.

Find a tutor or speaker of both languages who can help you learn Bengali based on your existing knowledge of Telugu.

Write out the Bengali and Telugu alphabets side by side to learn how they compare and to practice memorizing the Bengali alphabet, which is the first step toward mastering any foreign tongue.

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