One of the first recorded Latin inscriptions was made in 6th century B.C. The language was in use until around 1900 A.D. when it was still a required course in college for many students. Since it is no longer a spoken language, it may be difficult to find a professional translator help you translate English phrases into Latin. An online translator can help you get a fairly accurate translation.

Visit an online translator's website such as Latin Phrase Translation. Other similar sites include's English-Latin Translator and Translation-Guide's Free Online English to Latin Translator.

Click "English to Latin" on the left side of the page for the Latin Phrase Translation site. Type your English phrase into the message field. Press "Go." Other sites may require you to indicate whether you want to translate from English to Latin or Latin to English by a similar method.

Move your cursor slowly over each word on the next page. You will see a translation for each word in Latin as your cursor moves from word to word. Other sites will provide the translation after you press "Go," "Submit" or a similar command to initiate the translation.

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  • Hire a professional translator if you need a particular phrase translated accurately. Online translators may provide the correct translation, but a professional translator can give you assurance that the translation he provides is definitely accurate. Many freelance translators and translation companies can be hired online.

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