Learning to speak in a different language, such as English, requires patience and practice.You need to focus on translating between your native language and English, then form new sentences with unfamiliar vocabulary. Although it poses a challenge in the beginning, you can learn to speak English more quickly by listening to English speakers through a variety of resources. Radio, films, music and study guides with an accompanying language-learning CD are different tools to help you improve your speaking skills.

Learn the basics of English by repeating back information recited from online tutorials or language-learning CDs. Listen to the alphabet, numbers or phrases, then keep repeating them until you are confident and comfortable in speaking.

Log onto a website, such as Englishconversation.org, or join a local language club and find an English speaker to chat with regularly. Arrange a time to speak for at least 30 minutes per week about a specific topic. Ask and respond to questions to improve your conversational skills.

Download English news clips from the BBC World Service language-learning website, then read aloud the accompanying transcript. Practice your pronunciation of English by first listening to the words, then repeating what is heard.

Put on an English-speaking movie, making sure to activate the subtitles. Listen to the actors, then pause the film to read the subtitles out loud. This helps build your vocabulary and pronunciation skills.

Use dictation exercises to help you speak more fluently. Obtain a study guide with language-learning CD and work through the exercises. Listen to the speaker and follow the instructions to successfully complete each chapter. For example, Rosetta Stone or English for Dummies are two resources that teach English this way.

Tune into an English radio station and listen to speech-based programs. Practice speaking by calling up and leaving comments on the discussion topic, or write down your response and read it to an English speaking friend. Go to Radio Tower to find a suitable station.

Go to an English speaking country and surround yourself in English speakers. Absorb the sounds of the language and understand the context and meaning of conversations. Order food, speak to local people and join local sports team to integrate with English speakers to improve your language skills.

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