English is spoken throughout the world. More than 400 million people speak English as their native tongue, and more than 600 million speak it as a second language. English can be useful in traveling, business and everyday life. Learning English can be challenging, but it can also be fun and entertaining. Don´t bury your nose in a textbook; find creative ways to learn English and add another language to your skill set.

Watch English-language movies with the subtitles on. Choose recent, popular movies or look for your old favorites, but watch them in English. Turn the subtitles on in English or in your native tongue depending on your language level. Watching movies is a fun, entertaining way of exposing yourself to the language and increasing your vocabulary.

Listen to music and read lyrics. Find English-language music in the genre of your choice. Listen to the music as you read along with the lyrics. Listening to music is fun and helps develop your comprehension skills while increasing your vocabulary.

Sign up for a language exchange. Visit your local language school and ask about language exchange programs. These programs can help you find a native speaker of English who is learning your native language. Get together with the English speaker as often as possible and take turns speaking in English and then in your native tongue. Language exchange activities provide the opportunity to meet new people and practice speaking English in a relaxed environment.

Visit an English-speaking country and immerse yourself in the culture. If you can, interact only with English speakers and expose yourself to as much of the culture as possible. Go out to restaurants, join an athletic club and meet people who will speak English to you. Have fun exploring a new country and learn English at the same time.


Sing along to your favorite songs in English to practice pronunciation and fluency.


Watch movies with which you are familiar. Knowing the dialogue in your native tongue can help in comprehending the English version.


Study grammar books along with other activities. Having a strong grammar base will help you learn how to speak correctly.

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