Graduate schools have more stringent regulations than undergraduate schools when transferring credits between institutions. Colleges that do accept transfers allow 12 credit hours maximum and the course description generally must exactly match the course work at the college or university receiving the transfer course work. Transfer course work must not be older than five to seven years at most universities.

Step 1

Navigate to the web site of the college or university where you would like to transfer. Find the MBA section and go over the available information. Make a checklist of the available courses to compare with your previous MBA program. Review the program carefully to be certain your transfer credits match the offered MBA program.

Step 2

Contact the registrar to refer you to a counselor or program director. The program director will make the final decision about your transfer.

Step 3

Arrange for an official transcript of your course work credits to be sent to the college or university of your choice once you are accepted into the program.

Step 4

Contact your program director if you wish to transfer from the day or evening program at your university. This is easily completed over a period of two weeks as you transition into your new program.


Get previous course descriptions before you apply for transfer.


Review and match up your credits to required classes so there will be no surprises.


Remember that many universities do not allow transfers in the MBA program so allow plenty of time to find the right MBA program for you.

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