Whether you are studying for pre-admission exams, college nursing exams, or NCLEX required for your nurses license, effective study tools and techniques are essential for success. ATI study guides and college exams have become a preferred educational tool for nursing programs and students. The study tools, exams and additional learning materials are developed with the assistance of experienced nurses and approved by the National Nursing Association and NCLEX.

Access ATI Resources and Study Materials.

Access ATI’s website (see Resources) and check out some of the available learning tools. Create a user account to ensure access to all available resources and study materials. The information required for a new user account is basic personal information. They will request information regarding your institute or nursing program, but the information is not required for an account set-up.

Take Practice Exams

Use practice exams to assess your knowledge on a particular subject and use them as study guides. You can develop your own practice exams or access ATI's online store (see Resources) for a list of suggested practice exams. The ATI Mobile Mentor is a helpful study tool with over 700 NCLEX questions you can download onto a portable device such as an iPod or iPhone. You can customize practice exams according to your needs. Access ATI's Mobile Mentor through the online store or the Apple Store (see Resources).

Access Learning Guides

If you can, purchase one of ATI's learning guides. "Successful Learning Strategies" or "Quest For Academic Success." The books provide self assessment strategies and tips on developing successful learning habits. The information provides helpful strategies related to ATI testing success. The books are currently available (2011) through ATI's online store (see Resources) and well worth the money.

Use Flash Cards

Use your practice exam results to assess your learning needs. Identify unfamiliar content and take detailed notes. Use the notes to make 10 to 15 flash cards from each subtopic. Once you feel comfortable with what you have learned with the first set of flash cards, add new flash cards from another sub-topic and so on. Break down the sub-topics so that you are less overwhelmed. Continue to review all cards to ensure you retain the information you have learned.

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