Passing the Registered Health Information Technology (RHIT) Exam is mandatory for those looking at a career in health information management. The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) conducts this exam. Whatever be the setting in which you wish to work: home health, correctional, ambulatory or long-term care, you will need RHIT certification to gain employment. Preparing for this exam is not difficult, but needs a thorough understanding of the areas the test covers. Concentrating on these aspects and studying from the recommended books will help you ace the exam.

Look up the AHIMA website (see Resources) for information on the RHIT Exam. Download the RHIT Exam Content Outline file, which explains the competencies the exam will test. You will need to concentrate your study on these aspects to improve your chances of performing well on the exam.

Study from textbooks such as "Health Information: Management of Strategic Resource" by M. Abdelhak, "Health Information Management Technology" by Merida L. Johns and "Essentials of Health Information Management: Principles and Practices" by Michelle A. Green, Mary Jo Bowie.

Review the list of RHIT recommended resources that the AHIMA website provides. These are the books and manuals that the test committee uses as references to prepare questions for the exam. Refer to these books for your preparation. Revise portions by using the popular RHIT exam review guide called "PRG Guide for the RHIA & RHIT Examinations" by Patrician Schnering.

Divide the material you need to study into small portions and give youself deadlines for completion of each portion. Prepare a realistic timetable and follow it meticulously. Once you complete studying a portion, check how well you understand it by trying to answer questions from the study guide.

Study the RHIT Exam Candidate Guide that is available on the AHIMA website. Familiarize yourself with the test procedure. The RHIT is a multiple-choice question exam that consists of scored and pretest questions. Your score will depend on the number of scored questions only; the pretest questions may be used as scored questions on future examinations if necessary. There is no specific identifying character to help you determine which questions are scored and which are pretest ones, so it is important you attempt all questions.


Purchase the online RHIT Exam Prep Series that AHIMA offers to prepare for the exam. This consists of between 6 to 12 lesson courses that span five spheres of RHIT.

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