The iPad, released in 2010, can be a huge boon to the active college student. Providing both educational and social capabilities in a sleek, easy-to-transport and easy-to-use device, the iPad can become a tool for college success. The advantages of using an iPad as a college student stem from the device's usefulness, portability, security and communication capabilities.


Rather than carry around heavy, expensive textbooks, college students can download the books to read on the iPad. Rather than carry notebooks and pen and paper, users can type directly onto the iPad's screen. Art students can generate hand-drawn work on the iPad, while business students can process spreadsheets on the device and all students can create word processing documents and slide presentations with ease. Email, messaging, social media, photo-sharing, calendars, to-do lists and Web surfing can all be located on one iPad.


The iPad is perfect for the always-on-the-go lifestyle of a college student. According to the Apple website for the iPad, the device is lightweight, at 1.44 pounds, and fits easily in a purse or backpack, at about 10 by 7 inches. It has a battery life lasting for up to 10 hours of constant Wifi video streaming and a standby battery life of up to 30 days, beating many laptop or notebook computers and most smartphones as well.


With automatic backup to the Cloud, anything stored on the iPad can be saved on Apple's network and can be accessed from any computer or mobile device with Internet connection. That means that data loss is not a worry; all those invaluable class notes and papers you typed will be saved and accessible online. Additionally, if your iPad is lost or stolen, the app Find My iPad uses the GPS built into the device to locate it for you, making it a more secure choice than laptops or notebooks without this capability.


Besides capabilities for social networking and email, the iPad has both front and back cameras for video chatting and sharing documents and pictures. The iPad can snap a photo of a document, convert it to a PDF and email it faster than your campus copy shop ever could. Besides all the help an iPad can give you for academic pursuits, social connections can be strengthened with the help of the iPad, especially for students who are away from loved ones for college.

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