Once you have one, it’s a good idea to not leave home without it. The benefits of a student identification card are huge and often not taken advantage of by the average student. There are the obvious college discounts at eateries and venues that are within walking distance to the university you are attending, as well as free entry to events, lecture series and sports programs sponsored by the institution. Many students don’t use the student benefits that come with their college enrollment and explore all that the ID card can do.

Importance of a Student ID

It’s more than just a passport to cheaper meals, clothing deals and event passes. Keeping your student identification card current is important. College campuses are more intent on keeping the classrooms, parking areas and open green spaces secure. You may need to have your ID card available to show at any time while you are on campus or at a college-sponsored function. Make sure you have a valid student card each semester to take advantage of all the tiny plastic piece of ID can do for you.

National Outlets Offer Discounts

Getting out of a study slump and subsequent outfit of sweats and T-shirts can boost your moral. National clothing chains have found that to be true and lure college students to their stores with discounts. Check online frequently for back-to-school specials, fall savings events and end-of-year blowout sales that you can pair with your student ID discount. Banana Republic, H&M, Top Shop, Oasis and J. Crew have offered discounts on clothing for college-bound kids. For electronic devices and computer programs, Apple, Sprint, Adobe, AT&T and Logitech offer college discounts on purchases, software and services.

College Student Deals

All the little things add up, from notebooks to printer paper, pens, pamphlets, ink and more. Amazon offers free two-day shipping to students with valid ID for the first six months of enrollment. You can save up to 30 percent on documents at FedEx and 20 percent on shipping thick packets for job applications, bundles of laundry home or other package services. High school and college students can save on craft supplies at Jo-Ann fabric stores. Print publications also offer college student deals and will take off a significant amount from the subscription rate for students to catch up on news, politics and social trends, including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and more.

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