The intelligence quotient, also called an IQ, of a child can be determined in several different ways. Certain tests are just for fun, while other tests may be taken with a specific purpose in mind. If parents want to enroll a child in gifted classes at school, any intelligence testing will need to be done through the school. Some IQ tests may be done at different facilities outside of schools, but could still be accepted by organizations such as Mensa, the largest society for people with high IQ's in the world, as membership qualification. Mensa, which requires IQ in the top two percent of people, has members as young as three as of November 2010, and will accept IQ test results from 200 facilities across the United States.

School or Testing Facility

Contact your child's school teacher and inquire about IQ testing. The teacher can refer you to a guidance counselor or school psychologist who arranges IQ tests. In some cases, your child's school will be equipped to administer such tests on site, while other schools will arrange for your child to take an IQ test at a separate testing facility, or give you the information to contact such a facility on your own.

Arrange a date and time for your child's IQ test with a testing facility or the school. If this will cause your child to miss a day of kindergarten, inform school officials that your child will be absent that day.

Talk to your child about the testing process on the day of the IQ test. Explain that a grown-up will ask some questions and ask her to do some activities. Present this as an interesting experience or an adventure, rather than pressuring your child to perform perfectly.

Internet IQ Testing

Open a web browser of your choice. Navigate to a website that offers IQ testing for children. Options include Kids IQ Tests, Fun Education and IQ Test Labs (see resources.)

Select the IQ test category that corresponds to your child. Most IQ test sites online group ages 4-6 into a single category, but some sites have broader or more narrow categories.

Place your child in front of the computer and explain that this will be a simple test. Sit beside your child during the test since some help navigating the testing site may be needed.


A relaxed approach may be key to getting the best IQ results from your child, so try not to place too much importance upon the test.


If the results of an IQ test are not what you expected, remember that IQ tests are constantly evolving and you can always test again in the future. Testing methods are even being developed and refined for special needs groups.

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