The Terra Nova Assessment is a standardized test that measures a child's abilities in the areas of reading, language, mathematics, science and social studies, and grades them in each of these areas compared to other children of the same grade level. While the results of one test alone may not be enough to have a child admitted to a gifted program, high scores on the Terra Nova test are certainly a good indication that further testing is warranted.

Prepare for the test. Have your child take a sample test, or review skills that are likely to be found on standardized tests. Have your child brainstorm about possible test topics and review class notes or textbooks.

Arrange to have your child take the Terra Nova Assessment. Contact your school to see if they will administer the assessment. Ask if they can suggest an independent tester, or arrange for your child to take the Terra Nova Assessment online.

Obtain the results of your child's test. If your child has taken an online test, the results will be available immediately.

Compare your child's results against those of other students in their grade. The results will be broken down by subject and each subject will be given a score out of 100. A score of 50 means that your child has scored in the 50th percentile; he or she has performed better on the test than 50 percent of other children of the same age taking the same test. An average result is a score between the 25th and 75th percentile. An average total score at the 95th percentile or higher is generally necessary for a child to be considered gifted.

Take the results to your child's school. Discuss your child's results with your school administrators to see if your child's test results qualify him or her for inclusion in a gifted program or if further testing is warranted.


The exact score necessary for inclusion in gifted programs varies by school. Discuss with your school administrators whether a high average score below the 95th percentile, but with very high scores in a few subjects, may give your child special consideration for a gifted program.


Testing performance can vary with a child's emotional state, the amount of rest they have had the night before, or other factors. One test score may not be indicative of a child's potential.

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