Reminiscing about your own school days is a fun and relaxing experience. No matter how long it's been since you graduated, being able to find class pictures from elementary schools in the corners of your home (or your parent's home) will surely put a smile on your face. But, if you grew up in a time where pictures weren't as plentiful as they are now, then getting your hands on a school photo can be a bit of a challenge. Luckily, there are a lot of resources out there you can utilize to find what you're looking for.

Ask Your Parents or Other Family Members

The best place to start, if you want to find you class pictures from elementary schools, is by asking your parents or other family members where they keep old photos. Many families have some sort of keepsake, like a box or shelf of photo albums, where they store photos of their children.

In addition to asking your parents, you can also reach out to other family members or even family friends with children that grew up with you. There may not be too many photos, but perhaps there is your school picture or maybe even a class photo from picture day in one of their keepsake boxes.

Visit Your Local Library

The local library in your school district is a great place to go if you want to find a yearbook from elementary school if you don't already have your own. After all, sometimes yearbooks get lost if you've moved a lot or if your parents have sold the house you grew up in. Usually, local libraries keep archives of old yearbooks. Ask the librarian if and where you can find them, and you might just be lucky enough to come across your old photo!

Ask for Old Classmates' Yearbooks

If your local library doesn't have old yearbooks, you can always try to reach out to see if your classmates' yearbooks exist somewhere. If you have a friend or someone you know from elementary school, ring them up or find them on social media and ask about it. If they don't have it, surely they'll know someone else you can try to call who can help you get your hands on what you need.

Search Online

Back in the day, if you wanted to call one of your classmates to schedule a playdate or just to have a chat, you could easily pick up the white pages and find the phone number you're looking for by searching the last name. Today, you might not use the phone book, but you can still use search engines and social media platforms, like Facebook, to find old friends and classmates. Make a public post or send someone a direct message to see if they have any class pictures from elementary schools in their possession. You can also try websites like which sometimes has old photos.

Make a Call to Your Elementary School

If you haven't been able to find an old classmate's yearbook or elementary school photos via friends, family and the local library, you can always try to call the elementary school which you attended, directly. It depends on the school and it might be unlikely, but there is a chance that old files with photos are kept somewhere. And, if it hasn't been too many years since you left elementary school, there may be a chance that one of your old teachers still works there. Visit your teacher, catch up, and ask if they have any old photos.

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