Critical thinking refers to a conglomeration of skills and mental activities incorporating analysis and conceptualization. When you use your critical thinking skills, you're flexing numerous mental muscles at once, such as rationality, judgment, self-awareness, honesty and open-mindedness. Critical thinking has been called reasonable, reflective thinking focused on deciding what to believe and do. Testing your critical thinking skills allows you to evaluate how sharp your ability to reason, analyze and assess is.

Visit the Insight Assessment website (see Resources), a division of the California Academic Press. This website is devoted to advancing critical thinking. It offers free tests that require you to evaluate situations and form a "a reflective and reasoned judgment."

Visit the website of the department of philosophy at the University of Hong Kong (see Resources). This website has a page devoted to critical thinking. You can take what is called "the hardest logic puzzle in the world," download critical thinking quizzes and test the consistency of your moral beliefs.

Visit the Zeno's Coffeehouse website (see Resources). This website is full of critical thinking challenges and games that test your problem-solving abilities and analytical skills.

Buy a book that will test your critical thinking skills, such as "Critical Thinking and Formative Assessments" by Betsy Moore and Todd Stanley, or "Critical Thinking: An Introduction to the Basic Skills" by William Hughes and Jonathan Lavery. These books will gives you a proper foundation in the basics of critical thinking as well as assess your skills.

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