A SWOT Analysis is tool to examine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that can be used at a newly opened daycare center. It can be used to make the daycare a better and more efficient business.


Strengths are the things that the daycare does well and can be counted as positives for the business. This can be trained staff, modern facilities or financial stability. This should be compiled into an easily referenced list.


As the name suggests, there are aspects that the daycare center needs improvement on. This could be out-of-date facilities, low client list or a staff with little training.


Opportunities are the things at the daycare that have the potential to be strengths in the near future. This could be an area with a steady growth in the number of children or a sudden growth in grant money for daycare.


The threat section is aspects that can lead to a drop in business or a loss of efficiency. For a daycare, this could be a community that just lost a major employer and no one can afford daycare.


Once the SWOT as been developed, you must sit down and analyze the data and decide how best to use your strength, how to improve your weaknesses, how to take advantage of opportunities and how to avoid threats.

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