The procedure of completing a master’s degree in business administration usually involves two or three years of study. The degree requirements typically include completion of the assigned coursework and submission of a research project at the end of the last year. It is important to choose a research topic that examines business administration techniques and issues related to your field of specialization. There are a few fields from which to choose when starting an MBA, including marketing, finance and human resources.

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing or digital marketing is an excellent research topic for those who are majoring in a marketing field. It's also referred to as e-marketing, and deals with the promotion and advertising of products or services over the Internet. A research project on this topic can encompass detailed research on modern uses of Internet marketing, e-marketing as a business, advantages and limitations of digital marketing, security concerns and its effects on different industries.

Cash Management

Cash management strategy deals with the control of cash collections and how companies oversee and invest this cash. This topic for research is perfectly suitable for students studying finance as an MBA major. You can outline your research topic around basics of cash management, cash managers, positive and negative cash flow, managing cash shortages, developing a cash management strategy for companies and why it's important.

Succession Planning and Management

Succession planning and management falls under the human resources MBA segment. Succession planning and management in companies deals with making provisions for the replacement and planned advancement of people with leadership qualities. The research project on succession planning and management can revolve around the basics upon which companies base succession strategies, or the requirements, practices and importance of succession planning.

Inventory Control Management

Inventory control management process is concerned with reducing the total cost of inventory by managing and detecting materials. You can write your research topic on inventory control management focusing on inventory control strategy developments, techniques of inventory control, main factors involved in the inventory control decision-making process and its implementation in companies. This research topic falls in the category of finance management studies as part of an MBA degree program.

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