It has never been easier to get an education online. While colleges and universities remain expensive, there are hundreds of different options for those who want to log in but cannot afford to pay for their learning.

Go to for hundreds of free courses and learning programs (see Resources below). At the website, you can take courses in math, anatomy and computer programming, prepare for the GED or CLEP exams, learn the essentials of plumbing or take the first steps into astronomy.

Learn a new language through, a great website offering courses in traditional languages, such as French and German, or more advanced ones, including Chinese and Arabic (see Resources below). The website also offers links to free online courses taught by universities such as Berkeley, Yale and Johns Hopkins.

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Search for the course or subject of your choice and add the word "free" to find different options. Many foreign universities also offer online courses, so don't limit your search to American websites.

Don't limit your search to texts. Many courses are now offered online as podcasts, downloadable e-books, interactive networks and freeware applications. Some may require some previous knowledge or you may need to register for a certain type of activity before you can actually take the course, but you will certainly be able to find something, whether you are a visual or audio person.


  • Most free courses do not offer a diploma or certification, but are a great way to prepare for college or simply to learn more about a topic that interests you.

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