Urdu is an Indo-European language spoken in five states in India as well as Pakistan. The term "urdu" is said to be a derivation of the word "ordu" meaning "army encampment" in Mongolian. Urdu is influenced by the Indian languages Hindi and Punjabi. Learning to speak English as a native Urdu speaker will be a challenge, but if mastered, you'll be able to speak to over 500 million people in 53 countries where English is the official language.

How to Learn to Speak English from Urdu

Step 1

Survey your options: Do you want to find a speaker of Urdu and English who will serve as a tutor and provide you lesson plans? Or do you wish to learn on your own with materials and books that you've purchased (see step 2)? Or would you rather find a community service program or enroll in a college course that teaches English as a second language?

Step 2

Get a book. There are several Urdu to English instructional manuals and guidebooks available for the self-study language student. A useful thing to buy would be a Webster's English to Urdu dictionary, available for $6 on Amazon.com. Another useful course is the Milet Picture Dictionary of Flash Cards, Urdu to English, available on Amazon for $15.

Step 3

Find a student tutor. If you would rather learn with a tutor, contact the language department of your local college to inquire about any students who speak both Urdu and English. College students often are on a budget and therefore willing to teach what they know for a reasonable hourly rate. If no students can be located, then a good place to check is Craigslist or other online classified ads.

Step 4

Check your library. Another good source for language instruction is the public library. No matter what language you speak, the public library offers courses for those who wish to learn English as a second language. Contact your library to find out schedules for English courses.

Step 5

Use the Internet as a tool for enhancing your learning. There are blogs, chats and podcasts available on various sites--including proz.com (a forum for English/Urdu speakers).

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