Risk versus reward is all in a day's work for people who work in Corporate Finance. But to land this job, there are a series of exams you have to pass. Solid study skills are sure to help you make the grade and pass the test.

Find a study area that is quiet and isolated. It also is handy if you have reference materials nearby, just in case you need them. For Corporate Finance, you'll find necessary materials in the business section of your local library.

Gather your supplies. This includes your notes, textbooks, paper and a calculator. Pausing to search for items you need distracts you from absorbing the information.

Memorize your notes. By attending class, you should have a good idea of what the professor thinks is important. Pay close attention to anything that was emphasized in class.

Research answers that you are unsure about. It could show up on the test, so it's best to be prepared.

Combine your materials into a study guide. Some people type out a study guide; others prefer flash cards. Just make sure it's handy enough to take with you so you can study on the go.

Form a study group. Sometimes, other people have a unique way of remembering answers. The group can also practice for the exam by quizzing each other.

Pause if you begin to feel overwhelmed. Stress can cause you to forget everything you've studied so far, so don't push it.

Rest. Pulling an all-nighter can be disastrous. Adequate rest is essential if you want to recall important information.

Read over your study guide one more time before the test. Pay special attention to the areas where you struggle.

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